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Initial delay dogs ADP

Planning Ministry discovers key barriers

Doulot Akter Mala | June 09, 2019 00:00:00

Planning ministry has identified major impediments that slow down the execution of projects under the Annual Development Programme (ADP).

The Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) under the ministry, in an intensive review, has detected the delay in starting project work, non-availability of project director, no feasibility studies prior to the launching of projects as major roadblocks.

The IMED has conducted the field visit in different divisions to identify the obstacles against smooth implementation of projects and its way out.

Shedding light on the roadblocks, the IMED recently sent letters to all relevant departments to resolve those and expedite the implementation of development projects.

Currently, the number of ongoing development projects of the government is 1,498.

Until April, the implementation of the government's ADP was only 55 per cent.

Due to slower progress in project implementation, the government revised ADP for the current fiscal year to Tk 1.65 trillion, cutting the original outlay by Tk 80 billion or 4.62 per cent.

In the letter, acting secretary of the IMED Abul Mansur Mohammad Faizullah said many projects cannot be implemented in time even after its approval by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC).

Talking to the FE Saturday, Mr Faizullah said the letter was sent to address the problems against the implementation of the government's development plan.

Still, he said the progress of the development projects is better, compared with what is spent.

He expressed the hope that about 94 to 95 per cent of the ADP would be executed by the end of the fiscal year.

In the letter, the IMED secretary said although there is a rule to conduct feasibility study prior to taking any projects exceeding Tk 250 million, it is not followed in many cases.

As per rule, there should be a permanent Project Director (PD) in the projects worth above Tk 500 million.

However, the IMED noticed that this rule is often ignored by many entities during project implementation.

It said some of the PDs stay in Dhaka, though their project areas are in other divisions, districts or are spread throughout the country.

The IMED also found one person is assigned as PD for more than one projects affecting proper implementation of the government's development projects.

About the single individual's appointment against multiple projects, the IMED secretary said due to the scarcity of skilled manpower a PD has to take charge of more than one projects.

In the letter, the IMED said it would be difficult to implement the government's development projects in time and ensure quality unless the government entities address those limitations.

It is important to complete projects within the projected cost of the government and ensure quality, it said.

People will be deprived of their due services unless the government properly implements development projects, it added.

The delay in implementing the projects usually causes increase in project expenditures and other complexities, the letter said.

The planning minister and IMED team visited Khunla and Sylhet on February 13 and March 9 respectively to review the execution of the government's development projects.

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