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BB fixes Excel data template for banks

FE REPORT | January 25, 2023 00:00:00

The central bank has introduced a new reporting format for banks for submitting a comprehensive risk-management report (CRMR) to avert complexity of timely analysis of the data.

To this end, the Department of Offsite Supervision (DOS) of the Bangladesh Bank (BB) issued a circular on Tuesday.

It stated that banks have been submitting their CRMRs in different file formats like MSWord, MS Excel and PDF, which make the extraction of required data and analysis of risk management ratings more strenuous and time-consuming.

"Therefore, with a view to circumventing such complexity and facilitating uniformity in reporting formats, an Excel-based data input template has been developed," it said.

BB spokesperson Md Mezbaul Hoque said some 61 commercial banks are operating countrywide. If they banks follow different formats in submitting a CRMR, it becomes extremely difficult for the BB to analyse and publishes the reports in time.

"That's why, banks have been asked to follow an Excel-based data input template," he added.

According to the circular, banks are advised to submit the required data in the Excel-based data input template (copy attached) on a half-yearly basis (i.e. at the end of June and December) to DOS of the BB (email: [email protected]), in addition to the documents listed in the aforementioned circular.

They are also advised to replace existing data tables in a CRMR with those provided in the Excel-based input template and carry out their risk analysis accordingly.

Besides, banks may also supplement the risk analysis in a CRMR by including any other issues they consider important and relevant to their own risk profile.

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