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BD takes hard-line on Rohingya issue

Urges big states to share refugees' burden

Mir Mostafizur Rahaman | May 23, 2020 00:00:00

Apparently sensing no immediate solution to the Rohingya crisis, Bangladesh takes hard-line in this regard by urging the big countries to share the burden of the huge number of Rohingya refugees instead of pouring only 'advices'.

Bangladesh also wondered that some European countries have raised their economic package for Myanmar by 10 times, although these countries talk big on humanitarian issues, said a top official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Myanmar is charged with conducting genocide against Rohingya community in Northern Rakhine State. According to the UN reports, Myanmar military forced over one million Rohingyas to flee their homelands through brutal crackdown.

Recently, through written and verbal communication, the ministry told some 'big' countries and the UN humanitarian organisations that Bangladesh is in no position to be advised on the issue of handling refugees in the country, sources in the ministry said.

"We are surprised that some donors show concern over the fate of a few hundred Rohingyas in Bhasanchar, but they are silent about the fate of 165 million people of our country," Foreign Minister Dr A K Abdul Momen told the FE on Friday.

They should not forget that the government is accountable to 165 million people of the country.

Bangladesh's message is clear that if any country has any objection regarding handling of the refugees in Bangladesh, they can take them to their countries.

When asked, the foreign minister made it clear that Bangladesh will not provide shelter to any more Rohingyas, who are forced out of their homeland in Myanmar.

During the Syrian refugee crisis the European countries shared the burden of refugees, and the similar thing should be done in case of Rohingya refugees also, he opined.

"There are some big, rich and powerful countries who talk big on the welfare of Rohingyas. Why don't they provide shelter to Rohingyas? They have vast areas, and Rohingyas can live there more comfortably."

"Whenever the Rohingyas are found stranded on the sea, Bangladesh is urged to provide shelter to them. But why us? Why not other countries of this region?"

The minister further said in his recent talks with the European ambassadors he made it clear that they should also take some refugees to their countries.

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