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Cumilla Customs seize phensidyl

FE Report | November 22, 2020 00:00:00

The customs and VAT preventive team of Cumilla customs house recently seized 581 bottles of phensidyl from a covered van.

It is the first seizure of phensidyl by the customs house since its inception in 2011.

The covered van of Shuktara Transport was searched by the team following its suspicious movement.

The team seized the illegal products due to violation of customs Act, 1969, section 2 and subsection (s) and section 15 and 16.

It has handed over the contraband item to police and filed a FIR against the carrier owner on allegation of smuggling.

The team found the phensidyl inside cartons with the label of fresh pears.

The preventive team of the customs house, supervised by assistant commissioner Mohammad Salahuddin Ripon and led by revenue officer Ahmed Salahuddin, was patrolling on the road during the last two months based on information of phensidyl smuggling.

The customs house has seized more than 30 trucks and covered vans and filed 18 cases on allegation of VAT and duty evasion as well as carrying smuggled goods.

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