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Youth activists urge G7 nations to invest in renewable energy

FE REPORT | May 20, 2023 00:00:00

Youth activists have urged the global leaders from G7 countries to accelerate investments in renewable energy sector. They also asked them to halt financing fossil fuel-based power projects.

They made the call from a human chain formed in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka on Friday. The human chain was jointly by Fridays for Future Bangladesh and YouthNet for Climate Justice.

The activists said the country's dependency on fossil fuel imports primarily liquefied natural gas (LNG) should be reduced.

Speakers said the latest analysis from Oxfam reveals that the Group of Seven (G7) nations have an outstanding debt of $13.3 trillion (€12.3 trillion) to low and middle-income countries in unpaid aid and funding for climate action.

This urgent plea came ahead of the 49th G7 Summit, scheduled to take place on 19-21 May 2023 in Hiroshima, Japan.

The summit will address regional and global crises, including the pressing climate crisis. Bangladesh, as a developing country, is deeply concerned about the transition to renewable energy and urges developed nations to sever their ties with fossil fuels.

In their passionate plea, the youth activists also emphasised the importance of loss and damage financing while cautioning against false solutions such as hydrogen and ammonia.

Sohanur Rahman, Executive Coordinator of YouthNet for Climate Justice, said, "We cannot afford to wait for tomorrow to realise the urgent need to phase out harmful and expensive fossil fuels."

Prof Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumder, Chairman at the Center for Atmospheric Pollution Studies (CAPS), said, "We must act promptly to combat climate change issue and curb air pollution."

Prof Saleemul Huq, COP28 President's adviser and Director of the International Centre for Climate Change & Development (ICCCAD), said, "It is high time for wealthy nations and fossil fuel corporations to take responsibility and compensate for the damage they have caused. He also highlighted to ensure a sustainable future for all."

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