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Environment-friendly factories key to sustainable RMG growth: Speakers

December 21, 2023 00:00:00

Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) Director Vidiya Amrit Khan has said recycling has always been a part of Bangladesh in a non-systematic and informal way as hand-me-downs or passed on to plastic handlers and fabric segregators, reports UNB.

1. need detailed waste management policy at local, national and international level," Vidiya Amrit said while speaking at a dialogue titled 'Circularity, de-carboniSation, and competitiveness in Bangladesh's apparel sector' held at a hotel in Dhaka on Tuesday night.

Dr M Masrur Reaz, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Policy Exchange Bangladesh, moderated the dialogue.

LightCastle Partners, a prominent management consulting firm, and Policy Exchange Bangladesh, jointly organised the dialogue that highlighted a number of challenges such as the banks and financial institutions' lack of meeting 5% 'green loan' target.

Other challenges in the sector include attracting the right investments, financial problems for establishing solar factories, the inability of most organisations regarding repayment of loans, and not easy access to loans for small and medium-level organizations.

1. 84% of Bangladesh's export earnings come from this sector. If a circular economy is adopted, Bangladesh may benefit economically, the speakers observed.

While presenting for a deep dive workshop, Mrinmoy Sobhan, Business Consultant at LightCastle Partners, said the use of garment products is expected to reach 102 billion items across the world by 2030. "It may increase the emission of greenhouse gases by up to 50%. Bangladesh's apparel sector produces about 5.77 lakh tonnes of textile waste in a year. "

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