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Half of C-section cases ‘unnecessary’

FE Report | September 12, 2019 00:00:00

More than 80 per cent of the deliveries in private hospitals in Bangladesh are caesarean, but half of them are unnecessary.

Health researchers criticise this practice unethically motivated to grab a market of Tk 12.0 billion (1,200 crore), leaving higher risks of complicacies to mothers.

Expectant mothers are often compelled to undergo surgery in panic but despite excessively higher payments, they are put into various long-term complicacies following deliveries.

Many health researchers have found a business behind this tendency of a vested quarter in luring expectant mothers to C-section.

This was disclosed at a press conference at the Impulse Hospital at Tejgaon in the city on Wednesday where three Singapore, Irish and Waterford physicians made a presentation on unique techniques for painless normal delivery services.

To strengthen the existing team of Impulse, the three foreign specialist doctors are now in Dhaka to provide hands-on training through workshops and conduct delivery as well during their four-day stay.

In developed countries, patients' expectations for painless normal delivery are high and they demand comfortable post-operative course with no pain.


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