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'Taking influenza vaccine ahead of winter to help protect against flu, corona'

September 25, 2020 00:00:00

British researchers suggested taking influenza vaccine ahead of the winter to help protect against the double danger of flu and coronavirus.

The research indicates that there are chances for people to be infected with both at the same time during winter, reports BBC.

Considering the situation, the British authority would provide a free flu jab for its citizens this year. Anyone over 50 in England is eligible to get the vaccine.

As any vaccine for covid-19 is yet to be available, British experts as well as others fear that the contagious virus could rip through the population this winter.

Research from Public Health England suggests risk of death is more than doubled for people who catch flu on top of coronavirus, compared to coronavirus alone.

Flu by itself can also be a serious condition - it kills around 11,000 people in England each year and hospitalises many more.

People at high risk from flu are also most at risk from Covid-19.

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