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Telefilm 'Bela Boye Jay' released on YouTube channel

October 25, 2021 00:00:00

Produced by New Music Paradigm Company, the telefilm 'Bela Boye Jay' has been released for the first time on the YouTube channel of artiste Shusmita Anis recently, says a press release.

Popular actors Tahsan Khan and Sabila Nur have played the lead roles in the telefilm. Monir Khan, Shimul, Maznun Mizan and others have also acted in important roles.

The telefilm is about the love story of Rafat and Aroni. Directed by Aga Nahiyan Ahmed, the novelty and variety of the story in Kazi Asad's screenplay will win the hearts of the viewers.

A special attraction for the viewers in this telefilm is a song sung by artiste Shusmita Anis. The song 'Bela Boye Jay' is a melodious score that elevated some special scenes of this telefilm. The song is written by Shomeshwar Oli and the music is composed by Sajid Sarkar. "Bela Boye Jay' telefilm was officially released on the evening of October 21, 2021 in Shusmita Anis' YouTube channel.

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