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Joy Bangla Youth Award winners eye wider contributions to communities

November 22, 2020 00:00:00

Connecting young changemakers across the country through one platform, Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 celebrated the vision and efforts youths silently channelised towards turning lives and transforming communities, reports UNB.

As the Prime Minister's ICT adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy announced the names of the winners through a webinar recently, the awardees dubbed the award as a monumental recognition for their contribution to society.

They expressed the hope that it would equip them well with wider networking and better supervision to carry forward the services they are already doing to their communities.

Take the case of one of the awardees named Rayhanul Haque who co-founded Shashtha Indriya (Six Sense) to create awareness among children about sex education and sexual harassment.

They poised themselves to ensure that when they will grow up, they will refrain from sexual harassment, said CRI on Saturday.

"This recognition set the stepping stones for us to go further, inspiring to create a Joy Bangla where every child will enjoy a safe and secure childhood," he said.

Another awarded organisation Unmesh (Awakening) has been transforming the lives of the communities in the hilly areas, focusing on education, health, and the environment. They are providing underprivileged children with access to education.

Biton Chakma, being at the helm of the organisation, is leaving no stone unturned to raise awareness about education among those communities.

"Joy Bangla Youth Award is a big conferment not just for me or Unmesh family but for entire Chittagong as well," he said.

Reflecting that the expression Joy Bangla connects to Bangladesh's founding principle of a non-communal country, he said, "This recognition will pave the path for working on own initiative and at the government level."

Ashreen Mridha leads Ballers Women's Development, creating a scope for hundreds of girls to play basketball.

"This award is dedicated to all the girls who have been struggling over the years to take part in sports and to enjoy their rights. Apart from sports, the organisation is also working on the mental growth of women," she added.

Bloodmen Healthcare, led by Dr. Monzur Hussain Chowdhury, facilitated emergency treatment and collected blood during the coronavirus pandemic.

Promising to continue the service they are doing to society, he said, "These youths will pave the path for Golden Bangladesh."

Another awardee Footstep Bangladesh, formed in 2013, provides access to pure water and aids people in post-disaster settings.

Currently run by more than 1,000 members, this organisation is weaning their community off aid from donors by changing their mentality. It is giving its best to emerge as a self-reliant organisation.

Joy Bangla Youth Award, named after the country's historic pro-liberation slogan 'Joy Bangla', recognises and connects young changemakers and help them leverage their efforts geared towards Vision-2021.

This year 30 organisations, led by youths, were conferred with the award.

Young Bangla, the country's largest youth platform and a wing of the ruling Awami League's research organisation Centre for Research & Information (CRI), organises the award conferring ceremony.

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