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Umrah Card in Bangladesh

A financial milestone

Md. Touhidul Alam Khan | May 30, 2024 12:00:00

For the first time in the country, the National Bank Limited has introduced an Umrah card under the Mastercard branded multi-currency prepaid card. The inauguration of this card took place at a five-star hotel in the capital on March 11.

Through this card, those intending to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia can easily carry money from the country through legal means. Moreover, this card can be used in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries for various transactions related to Umrah such as travel, food, accommodation, medical services etc. Notably, this card can be used for all kinds of transactions in Bangladesh as well. There is no loading fee for customers of this card. Furthermore, no annual card fee or hidden charges have been imposed on this card based on customer considerations.

Managing Director & CEO of National Bank Limited, Mr. Md. Touhidul Alam Khan, mentioned that National Bank introduced the credit card business for the first time in Bangladesh in 1997 in partnership with the international organisation Mastercard. This initiative was later followed by other banks. "In continuation of this trend, we have now introduced for the first time in the country a Mastercard-branded multi-currency prepaid Umrah card. This Umrah card will be very convenient for those who wish to perform Umrah and visit other Middle Eastern countries. I hope this card will be well received by customers. Because we prioritise our customers when designing any product. I am pleased to announce that we are preparing to launch new and innovative services for our customers in the near future", he opined.

The application process for card issuance is also easy. This card can be issued from any branch or sub-branch of National Bank by submitting a specific form and a minimum documentation along with an initial deposit of five thousand taka. It is worth mentioning that this card is equipped with advanced security features including an EMV chip and contactless technology by Mastercard which will provide cardholders with higher security against fraudulent activities. However, processing charges will be applicable for manual fund transfer and mobile financial services. Additionally, Umrah cardholders can enjoy various Mastercard loyalty programmes such as special discounts, cashback facilities, BOGO deals, and many more offers both locally and internationally.

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