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'We ensure smooth financial management for pilgrims'

Social Islami Bank PLC chief tells FE

FE REPORT | May 30, 2024 00:00:00

What type of products and financial services your bank (Social Islami Bank) offers to the clients to facilitate their Hajj pilgrimage?

Social Islami Bank is a pioneer in providing support and services to the Hajj pilgrims. We have a number of products and services to facilitate the Hajj pilgrimage. These include Hajj savings schemes, Hajj registration fee payment services, Hajj card, and convenient remittance services for the pilgrims. Any eligible person intends to perform Hajj can deposit registration fee to our any branches and sub-branches across the country. These products are designed to ensure smooth financial management for the clients planning to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage.

Do you have any debit or credit card or pre-paid card particularly for Hajj pilgrims to use in Saudi Arabia?

SIB PLC offers Hajj Card, a prepaid card specifically designed for Hajj pilgrims as well as for the Hajj agencies. This card can be used in Saudi Arabia for various transactions, providing a secure and convenient way for pilgrims to manage their finances during the pilgrimage.

For Hajj agency card holders, 25000 Saudi Riyal can be withdrawn at a time from Saudi Arabian ATM. Additionally, roaming bill of mobile can be paid with this card too.

Does your bank have any plan to introduce new products or financial services making the Hajj travel easier in near future?

Social Islami Bank continuously evaluates and updates its offerings to better serve its clients. SIBPLC always try to introduce innovative customer need driven products. We are doing our research for bringing innovative investment products for Hajj Agencies.

Do you provide any service at Hajj camp in Dhaka? Please describe.

Social Islami Bank sets up Hajj booth every year in order to cater services at the Hajj camp in Ashkona, Dhaka and we also installed a hajj booth there this year. These services include assistance with financial transactions, currency exchange, and other banking needs to support pilgrims before their departure.

Our dedicated desk at the Hajj booth helps the pilgrims providing necessary information and also provides Hajj booklet, gift hampers etc. The aim is to ensure that all financial aspects of the pilgrimage are handled efficiently, allowing pilgrims to focus on their spiritual journey.

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