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T20 World Cup

No Reserve day for 2nd semifinal, match can be extended by 4 hours

May 15, 2024 00:00:00

The International Cricket Council (ICC) and Cricket West Indies (CWI) have allotted an additional time of 250 minutes for the second semifinal of the Twenty20 World Cup to ensure the match ends that day. There will be no receive day, however, reports Cricbuzz.

Following a report about the possibility of the winner of the second semifinal playing the final very next day, it has been clarified to this website that an arrangement has been made to finish the game on the same day. Additional four hours have been allotted to the match so that the team will not have to play, travel and then play, back to back on consecutive days.

To clarify further, the first semifinal is in Trinidad on June 26 and it starts at 8.30 pm local time (6:30am next day Bangladesh time). The organisers have allocated a reserved day for that game and should there be rain in Trinidad, the match will spill over to June 27.

The playing condition for the second semifinal in Guyana, though, is slightly different. It is scheduled to start at 10.30 AM local time on June 27 (9:00 pm Bangladesh time) and the match will have to be finished on the same day. The ICC has allotted another 250 minutes for the game which means the umpires can wait for about eight hours to finish the Twenty20 match. June 28 will be the travel day and the final will be on June 29.

"All four teams have exactly the same opportunity to finish a game. For performance reasons, to ensure teams do not have to 'play, travel, play' on consecutive days, the decision was taken to allocate the additional time for the second semi-final immediately post the game because the game is a 10.30 AM start, whilst the first semi-final is an evening start, which means it is not feasible to pay all additional time on the same day. This also ensures that fans in the stadium have the best chance of seeing a result on the day," a source in the know has told this website.

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