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Bank Asia provides born-blind treatment support

October 15, 2018 00:00:00

Bank Asia is providing treatment support to the underprivileged born-blind children (0-8 years) of the country since 2005, according to a statement.

Under this project, as a part of social responsibility, all the expenses for the treatment like primary health checkup, operation, medicine and accessories of born-blind infants are carried out by the bank.

Bangladesh Eye Hospital is working as a partner with Bank Asia in this project. The organisation is working to revive the vision of the born-blind through a sophisticated treatment and nursing.

So far, 1,164 born-blind infants from all over the country acquired their eyesight through the support. Currently, three different born-blind infants are undergoing treatment at Bangladesh Eye Hospital.

Bank Asia is always committed to provide treatment support to the born-blind of the underprivileged family of the country and constantly looking for new patients every year. Guardians of born-blind infants from any part of the country can get all the information of treatment support by contacting the nearest branch of Bank Asia, the statement added.

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