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DSE block trades on the rise

September 04, 2022 00:00:00

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Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) has witnessed increased transactions on its block board platform in step with the surge in turnover on its main board.

The daily turnover on the main board of the premier bourse soared as high as Tk 21.05 billion in August.

On the other hand, the DSE's block board saw daily turnover values ranging between Tk 221 million and Tk 1.13 billion in the same period. Arranged trades are executed in the block board.

The DSE saw the highest turnover of Tk 1.13 billion in block trade on August 25, while the lowest value was Tk 221 million observed on August 21.

The turnover value was Tk 410 million on the block board on August 1, while the value was Tk 519 million on August 2, Tk 354 million on August 3, Tk 612 million on August 4.

The block board posted a turnover of Tk 507 million on August 7, Tk 627 million on August 8, Tk 719 million on August 10, Tk 404 million on August 11, Tk 395 million on August 14, Tk 726 million on August 16 and Tk 506 million on August 17.

Afterwards, the DSE's block board witnessed a turnover of Tk 480 million on August 22, Tk 371 million on August 23, Tk 712 million on August 24, and Tk 1.135 billion on August 25.

On August 25, the block board saw the highest turnover value mainly riding on the transactions of the shares of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd (IBBL).

The IBBL's shares worth Tk 688.26 million changed hands through six trades executed in the block board.

Later, the block board saw a turnover of Tk 510 million on August 28, Tk 437 million on August 29, Tk 777 million on August 30, and Tk 769 million on August 31 and Tk 739 million on September1.

In July, the DSE's block board saw the highest value of transactions worth Tk 3.0 billion on July 27, also riding on the transaction of the shares of the IBBL.

The transactions of the IBBL's shares worth Tk 2.71 billion were executed through two trades on the day.

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