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LankaBangla Finance introduces deposit schemes "Swasti" and "Protiva"

June 23, 2020 00:00:00

LankaBangla Finance introduced two unique deposit schemes "Swasti" and "Protiva" with life insurance coverage free of cost in Bangladesh, said a statement.

The main objective of these two landmark deposit schemes is to build regular savings habits with an assurance of getting full maturity value for any unanticipated incident. LankaBangla Finance will pay the premium on behalf of the customers.

"Swasti" - "Money Builder" (DPS) scheme is a saving scheme where the customers will get dual benefits. Any Bangladeshi or Bangladeshi staying abroad (18 to 65 years) can receive various benefits from this scheme.

"Protiva" - "Money Builder" (DPS) scheme for the new generation to explore a new horizon. Exclusively designed for the children (under 18 years) to get full maturity value in case of any unanticipated incident of the guardian.

In this regard, Senior Executive Vice President & Head of Retail Business, LankaBangla Finance Limited, Khurshed Alam said, "Thinking about the future of the customers, we come up with two innovative and new deposit schemes, "Swasti" and "Protiva" with insurance coverage. We are hopeful that the "Swasti" deposit scheme will ensure a carefree life for the customer and the "Protiva" deposit scheme will ensure the safety of future generations."

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