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Orion Infusion share price doubles in two weeks

FE REPORT | August 31, 2022 00:00:00

Share price of Orion Infusion has doubled in only two weeks even though there was no undisclosed price sensitive information (PSI) behind such an 'unusual' price hike.

The company's share price ended at Tk 265.50 on Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) on Tuesday, registering an increase of 105.65 per cent from Tk 129.10, the closing price on August 14.

The price surge prompted DSE to make two queries -- on August 3 and 25 -- to know whether there was any price sensitive information behind the company's unusual price hike.

In response to both the queries, the company informed that there is no undisclosed price sensitive information.

Orion Infusion, presently an 'A' category company, was listed on the stock exchange in 1994.

The company's sponsor-directors hold 40.61 per cent stakes, institutes 19.28 per cent, foreigners 0.29 per cent and general shareholders 39.82 per cent as on July 31, 2022.

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