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Prime Bank launches JCB platinum credit card

FE Report | March 11, 2019 00:00:00

Rahel Ahmed (second from left), Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Prime Bank Ltd, and Yuichiro Kadowaki, JCB Executive Vice-President, seen in the event

Prime Bank Limited (PBL) has launched JCB platinum credit card for the first time in Bangladesh.

The private commercial bank's Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rahel Ahmed introduced the new card of Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) at a 'Meet the Press' programme at a city hotel on Sunday.

Additional Managing Director Habibur Rahman, Head of Consumer Banking unit ANM Mahfuz, JCB Executive Vice-President Yuichiro Kadowaki were present.

Mr. Rahel Ahmed said the new credit card is an important milestone in promoting digital payment and establishing a cashless society in the country.

Referring to the high standard of Japan-origin products and services, he said the bank has been adopting various services from the Japanese partner organisations for providing its customers with superior quality experiences.

"We are committed to present new products and services for our customers in coming days," he said, expecting that the card would facilitate the bank clients with a new experience of using plastic money.

Mr. Kadowaki said the new credit card is a time-befitting solution for the people of Bangladesh as the country has been making a significant economic growth in recent years.

A customer will get various benefits with their JCB platinum credit card home and abroad, he said.

Referring to the relation between the two countries, the JCB executive said Bangladeshi people hold very good faith in Japanese standards, which is reflected in almost every sector, including infrastructure development.

Briefing about the new product, Mr ANM Mahfuz said JCB platinum credit cardholders will enjoy a wide range of benefits such as zero annual fee for the first year, free supplementary card, buy one get one (BOGO) offer at all Bangladeshi five-star hotels, free accidental health insurance coverage of TK 1.0 million.

Besides, the cardholders will avail free priority pass club membership covering more than 1,200 lounges worldwide and discount facility at various merchant outlets, he added.

Mr. Mahfuz said the PBL introduced other variants of JCB card in 2014.

According to the officials, the Prime Bank at present holds a base of more than 0.125 million credit card clients, including a good number of JCB card customers.

Established in 1961, JCB credit card is now issued in around 25 countries including Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.

According to data available with Bangladesh Bank, the number of credit cardholders in the country was more than 1.18 million till December last.

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