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Prime Bank launches 'Neera'

September 24, 2020 00:00:00

Prime Bank has introduced a unique women-focused initiative 'Neera' with a promise to help achieve financial freedom, social progress, self-care and wellness of women of all spheres of the society, said a statement.

Today women in Bangladesh are making significant contribution to the economy. 'Neera' appreciates their immense contribution and promises to create an enabling environment so that they can realize their innate talent and full potential and pursue their dreams.

The primary objective of 'Neera' is to integrate all women irrespective of age, profession, income, social status, of urban or rural areas into financial system especially those who are unbanked. 'Neera' will emphasize in catering to the unbanked women, for example, homemakers, who are not being served in traditional banking system, also those are lagging behind in the society and also those who do not have previous history of banking relationships at all. Women will find 'Neera' by their side in their pursuit of standing on their foot and achieving true independence and self-esteem in life.

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