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BDGL brings in modern glazing technology

June 30, 2020 00:00:00

Bangladesh Double Glazed Ltd (BDGL) has brought latest glazing technology in the country to provide energy-efficient, pollution-free and sustainable glazing solutions.

Glazing solutions refer to door and window works in buildings. Such technology aims at increasing the buildings' energy performance by reducing the need for artificial heating, cooling and lighting, according to a statement.

As a leading glazing solution provider, BDGL offered 'economy in investment' since the buildings with double-glazed windows can be cooled with air conditioners of lesser cooling capacity, saving up to 30-40 per cent on the monthly electricity bills.

In addition, BDGL's glazed products are able to keep external sounds at bay. They can reduce the levels of outdoor noise emanating from traffic and other sources by 50-80 per cent, giving dwellers complete peace of mind.The company began production in its own factory in December 2017.

The 40,000 square feet unit is located at Shaistaganj upazilla of Habiganj district.

The insulated glass production capacity of the factory is 60,000 square feet. The capacity of double and single glazed windows, doors and façade complete fabrication is 30,000 square feet per month.

Unlike other glazing solution providers in the country, BDGL uses best quality chemicals of European origins. A team of highly professional and efficient employees at the company meet clients' bespoke needs and ensure products are delivered on time.

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