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BMFA for proper test of imported sea fishes

FE Report | February 23, 2020 00:00:00

Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Association (BMFA) has requested the government to ensure proper chemical tests of imported sea fishes at different ports in the country.

The government should take required measures for the sake of human health, the association said in a recent letter to commerce ministry.

It pointed out that heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury (Hg) are not identified during the formalin test, and stressed the need for examining the imported fishes from the Middle Eastern countries before releasing the shipments from the ports.

The BMFA said the import of sea fishes resumed recently after remaining suspended for last several years.

The BMFA mentioned in the letter that Bangladesh imports sea fishes mainly from different Middle Eastern countries like Yemen, Dubai, Oman, Qatar and Pakistan where fishes often die and stay afloat in the sea due to oil leaked out of the hydrocarbon drilling rigs.

The BMFA stressed on the need for different tests including microbiology, arsenic and Mercury (Hg) for the imported sea fishes.

"The ministry is working on the issue," a high official of the commerce ministry said.

The BMFA-member firms export different sea fishes, including shrimp and fishes.

The country earns more than Tk 2.0 billion annually through exporting sea fishes, according to the association.

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