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BRAC Bank presents books to workshop participants

April 04, 2024 00:00:00

BRAC Bank has taken an initiative to empower female leadership by organising a series of focused Group Discussions (FGDs) to enhance the leadership skills of its female co-workers, says a press release.

In a pioneering move, the bank's Human Resources division initiated a proactive approach by distributing books to each participant, emphasising continuous learning and development.

The bank organised Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), which included diverse female and male colleagues from various departments.

These discussions were facilitated by experienced HR professionals and aimed at developing strategies and best practices to foster leadership qualities among the bank's female colleagues.

Recognising the importance of knowledge-sharing and continuous education, BRAC Bank HR gave each participant a thank-you note for their time and thoughtfully selected book on leadership development. By gifting these books, BRAC Bank underscores its commitment to supporting the growth and advancement of its female workforce.

Akhteruddin Mahmood, Head of Human Resources at BRAC Bank, enthusiastically supports the initiative.

He states, "At BRAC Bank, we believe in empowering our co-workers with the tools and resources they need to succeed. By facilitating constructive discussions and providing relevant literature, we aim to cultivate a continuous learning and development culture, particularly focusing on empowering women in leadership roles."

This initiative aligns with BRAC Bank's broader efforts to promote gender equality and diversity within its workforce. The bank strives to create an inclusive environment through targeted programs and initiatives where all employees have equal opportunities to thrive and succeed.

AKM Tareq, a participant of the FGD and a senior executive of the bank, shared his thoughts on the event, stating, "The FGD provided valuable insights into how we can contribute to design effective leadership practices for our female colleagues, and receiving a book further reinforces our commitment to personal and professional growth. I am grateful to BRAC Bank for investing in our development and championing gender diversity in the workplace."

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