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Call to punish unscrupulous traders for hiking prices

FE REPORT | March 28, 2021 00:00:00

Bharatia Parishad, a platform of tenants in the capital, has demanded that unscrupulous traders raising prices of essential commodities ahead of Ramadan for extra profit be arrested.

Prices of rice, edible oil, gram, meat, lentil and other items have been rising every day, making the life of low- and middle-income people miserable, said Md Baharane Sultan Bahar, president of the Parishad, at a human chain programme in front of the National Press Club on Saturday.

The profit-hungry traders are raising the prices artificially just before the start of the holy month, he said, adding that the consumers, especially the low- and middle-income groups, are increasingly at the mercy of the syndicate of dishonest traders.

Even it appeared that the government has no control over the market and can do nothing to rein in the skyrocketing prices, Mr Bahar said.

Miniket rice now sells between Tk 65 and Tk 70 while a litre of bottled soybean/edible oil costs Tk 140-Tk 145, broiler chicken Tk 160 a kg, beef Tk 600 a kg, mutton Tk 900 a kg, and rui fish Tk 300-Tk 350 a kg, he said.

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