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Chicken, egg prices decline

FE Report | December 07, 2018 00:00:00

Prices of poultry meat and eggs witnessed a decline last week while vegetables prices showed a mixed trend.

Prices of other commodity remained almost static during the period.

Broiler chicken prices declined to Tk 110-Tk 120 per kilogram (kg) at retail and Tk 98-Tk 105 a kg at wholesale markets on Thursday - Tk 8-Tk 12 plunge in a week.

Farm egg prices showed further plunge and were selling at Tk 28-Tk 32 per haali (four pieces) from Tk 32-Tk 34 the previous week.

Prices of indigenous chicken (local species) also decreased by Tk 20-Tk 40 per kg and were selling at Tk 350-Tk 430 a kg at different markets on Thursday.

State-run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) recorded an 8-12 per cent decline in prices of chicken in a week.

Shahdat Hossain, owner of Modern Poultry Farm, a meat and egg farm at Bangalipur under Dhamrai in Dhaka district, said prices of poultry products usually increase during winter season as programmes like marriage, picnic and religious conferences take place during this season in the country.

But the price has been falling abnormally from the last week of November, he said.

He said it costs them Tk 125-130 to produce one kg meat when they are selling it at Tk 98-100 a kg in Dhamrai for the last seven days.

He said traders in district towns and big cities are benefiting most from it, depriving both the farmers and consumers.

According to the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Association (BPIA), the country's 70,000 poultry farms produce 32.6 million pieces of egg and 11,000 tonnes of meat a day.

Winter vegetables showed further decline as cauliflower and cabbage were sold at Tk 15-Tk 25 a piece---Tk 5.0 reduction on the day.

Local bean, carrot, radish, leafy also showed a plunge by Tk 3-10 a kg or bunch in the last seven days.

Summer vegetables like snake gourd, sponge gourd and ridge gourd showed a Tk 5-Tk 10 surge in a week.

Snake gourd were sold at Tk 40-Tk 50 a kg on the day.

Meanwhile, ginger prices also declined by Tk 10-Tk 20 a kg as the spice was selling at Tk 120-Tk 150 a kg at retail.


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