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Commerce ministry seeks updated credit info of FBCCI election participants

FE Report | April 08, 2021 00:00:00

The Ministry of Commerce has sought the latest credit information of the businesspeople willing to contest the upcoming elections of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI).

The ministry on Wednesday sent a letter to the central bank, seeking the information, a high official of the ministry said.

As per the section 15 (c) of the existing FBCCI constitution, any loan defaulters of banks and other financial institutions are not eligible to contest the FBCCI polls, he added.

The election of the country's apex trade body is scheduled to be held on May 05 next.

Taking into consideration the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the ministry has also extended the deadline for holding elections of the country's licensed trade organisations until December 31, 2021 - of course, following the existing health guidelines, according to an official order of the ministry that was issued the same day.

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