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Gold prices go further up

FE Report | August 08, 2019 00:00:00

Local jewellers have revised the prices of gold upward again within a couple of days, effective from today (Thursday).

As per the latest revision, the prices of three categories of gold -- 22, 21 and 18-carat - increased by Tk 100 per gram, according to a press release issued by the Bangladesh Jewellers' Samity (BAJUS) on Wednesday.

The BJS changed the prices of the precious metal for the last time on Monday last.

With the fresh price hike, 22-carat gold will now be sold at Tk 55,695.6 per bhori, 21-carat gold at Tk 53,362.8 per bhori and 18-carat at Tk 48,347.28 a bhori.

The prices of silver also increased to Tk 100 from Tk 80 per gram.

However, the price of traditional gold remains unchanged, the press release added.


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