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Govt to spend Tk 807m on free agri inputs

To boost winter, summer crops output

FE REPORT | October 31, 2019 00:00:00

The government will to spend over Tk 807 million for providing farmers with free agriculture inputs for boosting production of wheat, maize, onion and some other winter and summer crops.

Agriculture minister Dr Muhammad Abdur Razzaque announced the incentive package at a press briefing at the agriculture ministry on Wednesday.

Over 0.6 million marginalised farmers of 64 districts will get the inputs free of cost for cultivating the crops, which is expected to help the farmers earn over Tk 8.42 billion in return.

Each of the farmers will get seeds, DAP and MOP fertilisers worth Tk 1,990 for cultivation of wheat on one bigha of land while Tk 1,318 for maize, Tk 802 for mustard, Tk 2,816 for sunflower and Tk 1,575 for peanut.

A farmer will get seeds worth Tk 808 for cultivation of summer sesame while Tk 1,010 for winter mug, Tk 808 for winter sesame and Tk 1,714 for onion cultivation.

Under the package farming, 34,971 tonnes of wheat is estimated to be produced, while 320,900 tonnes of maize, 42,015 tonnes of mustard, 845 tonnes of sunflower, 6,974 tonnes of winter mug, 4,645 tonnes of summer mug and 11,532 tonnes of onion.

The minister said the government is sincere about ensuring fair prices of the agriculture produces.

The government is considering stopping import of crops during the harvesting seasons of crops to ensure fair prices of crops, he added.

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