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JMI Group celebrates World Peace Day

September 22, 2022 00:00:00

JMI Group brought out a rally in the capital on Wednesday morning to observe World Peace Day

International Day of Peace-2022, declared by the United Nations, has been celebrated in the capital with colourful arrangements, says a press release.

JMI Group has celebrated the day with due dignity like every year keeping in mind the motto of this year, "End Racism, Build Peace".

On this occasion, on Wednesday morning, a discussion meeting was organised at the 'Abdus Salam' auditorium of the National Press Club.

Speakers highlighted the importance of observing the World Peace Day with the aim of creating public opinion to achieve happiness and peace for humanity regardless of caste, religion and colour.

Md. Abdur Razzaq, Founder and Managing Director of JMI Group, presided over the event. He said in his speech, "Due to Covid-19, an uneasy atmosphere was created in the whole world. Without overcoming that disaster, the war in Ukraine has started. Although, we are not the part of the war, but we are severely affected by it. The cost of container transportation for export-import goods rose 6-7 times in a period of four to five months. Besides, we have to settle the LC payment with more than Tk 110 per US Dollar, while we had opened the LC at Tk 86. Now, the businesses of our country are forced to incur huge losses at every moment. That's why, we want war to stop from this moment for world peace. Dialogue is the solution to all problems."

Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies Department of Dhaka University Dr. Md. Touhidul Islam, and Chairman of Peace and Conflict Studies Department, Dhaka University Saifuddin Ahmed, both spoke as special guests.

JMI Group Chairman Md. Jabed Iqbal Pathan said, "Every member of the JMI family is committed to upholding the theme of the United Nations' Day of Peace. I think our efforts today are timely to combat racism."

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