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News in Brief -2024-05-15

May 15, 2024 00:00:00

New Covid-19 sub-variant unlikely to

cause infection peak in China

BEIJING, May 14: The KP.2 sub-variant of COVID-19, which has become increasingly prevalent on a global scale, is unlikely to cause a new infection peak in China in the near future, the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration said on Tuesday. As of Sunday, KP.2-sequenced cases accounted for 0.05 percent to 0.30 percent of all locally sequenced cases reported each week in China, which is at an "extremely low" level, according to experts from the administration. — Xinhua

Myanmar junta plans Octr national census

YANGON, May 14: A top Myanmar general has called for a national census to take place in October, state media reported Tuesday, even as swathes of the country remain outside the junta's control. The military has justified its 2021 coup with unsubstantiated claims of widespread fraud in 2020 elections won resoundingly by civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD). — AFP

Mumbai billboard collapse claims 14 lives

MUMBAI, May 14: At least 14 people have died and dozens were injured after a huge billboard fell on them during a thunderstorm in India's financial capital Mumbai, according to local authorities. The billboard collapsed on some houses and a petrol station next to a busy road in the eastern suburb of Ghatkopar following gusty winds and rain late on Monday. Scores were trapped following the incident with rescue operations continuing till early on Tuesday. — Reuters

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