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Increase the use of bio-pesticides

September 24, 2021 00:00:00

In Bangladesh, farmers are mostly dependent on chemical pesticides. The use of these pesticides in farming fields is extensive in some cases. This is always harmful to soil, human health, crops and the environment. To reduce the use of chemical pesticides, bio-pesticides are a better alternative. So, promoting bio-rational pest management is important. By using bio-pesticides in the farming of fruit and vegetables, the harmful impacts of toxic chemical pesticides can be reduced.

But this is not an easy task. Farmers need to know the benefits widely. They also need to get the bio-pesticides timely at a lower price. The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) has to work extensively in this regard. Filed level officials and staff of the DAE have to disseminate the bio-pesticides to the grassroots farmers. They have to take the responsibility of awareness building in this regard. The farmers should also be motivated to follow the guidelines of the DAE officials and scientists. Currently, many insecticide dealers and sellers misguide the growers of fruits and vegetables. The BARI has already developed a number of bio-rational-based integrated pest management technologies. These need to be reached at the farmers level through various training and motivational programmes.

Biploab Das


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