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Is visiting tourist spots during national holidays worth it?

A week-long beach carnival was being hosted at Laboni Point, Cox's Bazar, marking World Tourism Day on the 27th of September. To boost tourism in Cox's Bazar, it was said to be an 'environment-friendly investment in Ttourism,' by the convener of the fair, Additional District Magistrate Md Yamin Hossain. But...

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Rise of action figure toys in hobbies and businesses

Action figures and collectables were accessories not found outside fancy shops even a few years ago. However, the rapid advent and rise of the internet have made it easier for people to collect these from online platforms that specialise in this regard. In Bangladesh, there have already been several Dhaka-based...

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The lost 'addas' that used to create geniuses

In October 2023, Beauty Boarding turns into a soaring 74-year-old lying-in room of addas, aglow of erudite Bengalis. People head to Shirish Das Lane, Old Dhaka, to click a few photos, chatter shortly, and optionally turn to the delicacies presented by the Boarding. Nonetheless, is Beauty Boarding worth the hype?The...

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