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New NBR chief shares his plan on wider tax net

FE Report | January 05, 2018 00:00:00

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) would focus on the residents, both tenants and flat owners, of different residential buildings in the capital to widen the tax net, the new NBR chief said on Thursday.

All of them may not have tax files, but revenue collection would grow significantly, if they can be motivated to pay tax, Md Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan said citing a suggestion that came after his appointment Wednesday as senior secretary of the Internal Resources Division (IRD) and NBR chairman.

"We are motivating people but yet to get expected result," he added.

He also said many of the renowned businessmen are not getting recognition as highest taxpayers.

The NBR will have to talk to them and motivate them to receive the honour, he said at the NBR premises while talking to newsmen and senior NBR officials on his first day in office at the revenue board.

"We know many businessmen in the country and get impressed to see their images, name and fame. But, they are not the country's highest taxpayers," he added.

It is true that many well-off businessmen do not pay tax, he said.

He, however, said the taxmen should maintain a cordial relation with the business community to ensure a business-friendly environment.

"The taxmen should not extract tax from the businesses. Businessmen are not opponents of the tax authority," he said.

A process of tax net expansion is continuing, he said expressing his desire to pay attention to suburban areas.

Economic activity is increasing at a progressive rate with the population growing which is the main reason for the country's development," he added.

Earlier, the population growth was a cause of concern but now it is a blessing as those people work and consume resulting in momentum in the economy, he said.

Dependence on foreign aid has declined significantly due to internal resource mobilisation, he said.

"Other than four to five per cent budget deficit, most of the revenue comes from internal sources," he added.

Domestic resource mobilisation is the lifeline of the economy, he added.

"Harsh measure should be avoided. We have to be cautious so that economic activity, investment and lifestyle of people are not disrupted by the tax measures," he said.

Tax collection is done through an in-built system in other countries and the NBR is also going to adopt the process, he added.

"It is not that I will bring about any revolution on the first day. But vision of the government will be followed," he said.

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