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Police charge baton on e-orange clients

FE Report | September 24, 2021 00:00:00

Police charged baton on aggrieved customers and resellers of online marketplace e-orange, as they tried to block the road near Matsya Bhaban area in the capital on Thursday.

After forming a human-chain in front of the National Press Club, demanding refund of their money, the customers and resellers of the platform started marching towards Matsya Bhaban with a procession, where they faced police barricade. As they tried to go through the obstacle, police dispersed the agitators by charging baton.

Following the incident, the e-orange customers said they tried to go to the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) to submit a memorandum detailing their demands, but police started beating them and evicted from the street.

At the human-chain programme, organised at around 11:00 am, convener of the e-orange customers' central committee, Afzal Hossain said the entity accumulated around Tk 11 billion in front of everybody - including the government.

He said the MoC should take the responsibility, as many companies - in the name of e-commerce, embezzled a huge amount of money across the country. He demanded reimbursement of their money and ensuring exemplary punishment to the people involved in the scam.

He also urged the government to put the accused in trial at speedy trial tribunal to resolve the crisis of general people.

On August 17, customers filed a case against the owners and staff of e-orange for allegedly embezzling around Tk 11 billion without delivering their products.

Following the case, the law-enforcement agencies arrested owner of the platform Sonia Mehjabin, her husband Masukur Rahman, and COO Aman Ullah.

Besides, India's Border Security Force (BSF) detained Sonia's brother and suspended Banani Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Sohel Rana from Changrabandha border area in Cooch Behar district of India.

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