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GP partners with Wipro for advanced network management

September 24, 2021 00:00:00

Grameenphone (GP) has signed a contract with global technology service company Wipro Limited to acquire advanced network capabilities, reports UNB.

Wipro will be part of managing GP's present mobile networks and building an advanced future-fit network.

The new contract expands the relationship between the two companies, as GP has relied on Wipro as a technology partner to manage application development, infrastructure support and IT security.

Demand for advanced mobile services and high-quality network experience is rapidly increasing in Bangladesh.

"To deliver on the ever-growing connectivity needs, boost customer experience, and bring in advanced future technologies, this year we have expanded 4G coverage across the country, acquired the maximum allowable amount of spectrum, partnered with tower companies to roll out new towers and gained access to fibre network in partnership with the Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited," Rade Kovacevic, chief technology officer, Grameenphone, said in a statement.

About GP's partnership with Wipro, he said: "We are taking a significant leap forward in our ability to manage our network, and excel further in meeting our customers' expectations. In addition, this partnership will bring in global expertise and future-fit capabilities and create global career opportunities for Bangladeshi talent."

Bhavya Kapoor, managing director of Wipro for Southeast Asia, said: "Wipro's primary focus is to accelerate Grameenphone's growth by leveraging our global strength and providing progressive and innovative localised technology solutions."

"With the growing convergence of IT and core telecom networks, and the advent of software-defined lined networks, cloud-first architecture and 5G, we are glad to partner with Grameenphone to provide advanced capabilities to modernise their network; coupled with IT applications and infrastructure."

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